Before reading about deliverables or applying for our internship, we highly recommend that you read our About Us page to understand more about the business, and how we got started. 

Kynect Sports is looking for paid interns who are technically advanced and can tackle one or more of the following deliverables. Compensation for work will be discussed after all interns are hired, but before work begins, and will depend on which deliverables an intern is responsible for, and the speed with which they are delivered.

Kynect Sports is a company that provides in-depth statistical analysis of game film for high school basketball teams, with a personal touch. They upload game film to YouTube, we watch, compile stats, and report them to outlets such as MaxPreps, the KHSAA, and local media.


The following deliverables are features that our service currently lacks but is in need of. Other deliverables may be added after the internship has begun, but for now these are our highest priorities.

Deliverable A: Relational Database That Stores Team Information

Deliverable A requires knowledge of database technologies, making them available online and to web applications, and the ability to edit the design of a database as project needs change.

We need an online (emphasis on online here, we already have a prototype database in Microsoft Access) database that will have the following tables, and potentially others as the project moves forward: Teams (for data on Kynect Sports teams), Coaches (for data on coaches of Kynect Sports teams), Players (for data on players on Kynect Sports teams), Games (for data on games played by Kynect Sports teams), Stats (for data on stats during games of Kynect Sports teams), and StatMeta (for metadata on each statistic that we record).

see more on Deliverable A in Fig. A

Deliverable B: Drag and Drop Interface for Uploading to YouTube

Deliverable B requires knowledge of the YouTube API, webpage design, writing to a database, and potentially automating server functions (to stitch video files into one, and depending on the capabilities of the YouTube API, potentially to upload videos to YouTube through the website if the API is unable to upload).

A smooth drag and drop interface for uploading game film to YouTube needs to be developed for our customers (coaches). The interface should allow them to drag multiple files of any popular video file type (.mp4, .mpg, .mov, .avi, .wmv, .asf, maybe AVCHD). It should also allow the user to input the following information about the game they are uploading: Opponent, Location (Home, Away, or Neutral drop-down box), Date Played, Team Score, Opponent Score, and Coaches Notes.

The interface should automatically stitch all video files together (in order) and upload them to YouTube as one complete video. The title of the video should be a concatenation of [Team Name] & “ vs. “ & [Opponent] & “ “ & [Location] & “ “ & [Date]. The videos should automatically upload as private to the users account. The interface should then return the YouTube link to that video, and store it in our database (outlined in Deliverable A) for later use in the front-end of the site.

Deliverable C: Interface for Statisticians to Write to Database

Deliverable C is a large task that requires knowledge of the YouTube API, writing to databases, webpage design, and manipulation of browser functions (to ensure that things work as expected, for example, when a statistician presses the space bar, the YouTube video should always pause).  

An interface is needed that would allow Kynect Sports statisticians to watch game film from teams (served from YouTube), and in the same browser window be able to record stats. They would need a way to record substitutions as players enter and exit the game. They would also need to be able to put a time on the game clock for when each substitution took place.

There would need to be a way for the statistician to signify which quarter the game is in at any given point. The timestamp of when each quarter starts on the YouTube video should be recorded in the Games table in the database outlined in Deliverable A.

Additionally, they would need to be able to choose from a list of players in the game at the time, for the team that they are recording stats for, and a list of stats. Once a player and a stat are selected, a new record should be made in the Stats table (in the database outlined in Deliverable A) that lists the game being played, the player who the stat is related to, the stat itself, the quarter that the game is currently in, and the timestamp on the YouTube video at the point the stat was recorded.

Along with all of this, Deliverable C also needs a place where a statistician can see all of the stats that they have taken for the game, and edit or delete them as needed.

see more on Deliverable C in Fig. B or if you use Adobe XD, email us at to request the XD file


Figure A


Figure B: Demonstrates 3 primary functions of Deliverable C; recording a new stat, changing the current quarter, and making substitutions. A search feature or keyboard shortcuts for stats would be welcome additions, as this design is not final. It is only to give an idea of how the page would function.