Why Kynect Sports?

Kynect Sports offers schools and teams of all sizes access to cutting edge technology and services at prices they can afford.


Everything we do is designed to make your team better. Knowing your team through film and stats results in better outcomes on the court.

KHSAA Compliant

With the KHSAA requiring that stats from each game be posted on the official league site, Kynect Sports has your back. We take care of the KHSAA and keep you from being fined.


We believe that every team deserves access to the same tools as their competitors. By providing above average products at below average prices, we ensure an even playing field.

For many schools, athletics are an uphill battle. Constantly competing against teams 2 or 3 times their size with more money and resources can make it hard to keep up. Kynect Sports doesn’t believe that it has to be this way. We see a future where every school has access to the same tools, regardless of size or economic situation. 


2017-18 Season Pass

Includes 1 year of team site access and statistic keeping/uploading.

Get in The Game

Email us at: contact@kynectsports.com